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Antiracism & Equity Institute

Dr. Charlynn Small and Dr. Mazella Fuller make up one-half of the founders of the Institute for Antiracism and Equity in Mental Health, an organization founded by professionals from the fields of medicine, social work, psychology, and counseling with expertise in the treatment of mental health, eating disorders, addictions and trauma through an antiracist and social justice lens. 


Education & Training

  • Cultural competency and humility through the lens of antiracism

  • Recognizing and addressing biases and stereotypes

  • Multicultural concepts of treatment and wellness

  • Understanding intersectionality and identities

Clinical Programming

  • Survey of existing programming, curricula, procedures, and policies

  • Development of antiracist and equity-focused clinical programming

  • Clinical consultations and supervision


Work Place Culture

  • Assessment of diversity, inclusivity and equity in workplace culture

  • Survey of physical environment and facility, and promotional and marketing materials

  • Review of diversity, inclusivity, and equity practices in recruiting, hiring, and promoting

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